Glycerine is a very versatile compound that is available in both refined and crude forms. Refined USP grade glycerine can be used in many personal care, excipient, food, home care and industrial applications. USP Glycerine offers moisturizing, emulsifying, and sweetening functionalities. Glycerine can be used to increase density, viscosity, thicken formulations and reduce freezing points in a wide variety of applications. In addition, Cargill can supply a wide variety of crude and technical glycerine to meet your customized formulation needs.

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Five reasons why you should set up business in Cork City

Posted on: 18-10-2018

Traditionally Cork may have been overlooked as an innovative place to do business as many would have favoured Dublin as their first choice due to the large talent pool and location. However, with the evolution of the city and the growth of the workforce, Cork City is quickly becoming the newest hotspot for start-ups and business expansion. 

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Irish food firms fear the hard Brexit inevitability

Posted on: 13-09-2018

After slumping in recent days, sterling was uplifted by the fresh wave of Brexit optimism, after comments of the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, that a deal was a “realistic” prospect by early November.

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Gin craze takes off as sales of Irish whiskey also soar

Posted on: 31-08-2018

Raised spirits as new figures show continued drinks growth, but warning of threats

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