1. Sorbitol - is the most commonly used polyol, it is derived from glucose. It is available in powder form (Particle size can vary from coarse to very fine on request) and as a concentrate aqueous solution and as syrup

2. Maltitol -is produced by hydrogenation of the disaccharide maltose, it is available as a crystalline powder and as a syrup.

3. Mannitol - is produced by hydrogenation of Glucose syrup. Mannitol is available as a crystalline powder, Mannitol is often used a dusting powder to protect products against moisture absorption.

4. Isomalt - is produced from sugar (sucrose) by initial enzymatic conversion. Isomalt is available as a crystallised powder with different granulometries as a pure syrup and in a liquid blend with a special Maltitol syrup.

5. Erythritol (Zerose) - is produced from glucose by a fermentation process. It is available as a crystalline powder in various granulometries Bulk zero calorie.

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